The Fresh Air Site Guide 2006
by Greg Hamerton

Fresh Air Site Guide book

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If you are planning a paragliding tour or hang gliding trip through South Africa, this is the book!

It's written by a passionate pilot who travels a lot, so you get the advantage of experienced guidance, detailed directions and useful notes.

There are many colour photos and the book is divided into regions. Choose from over 135 flying sites (including secret spots), where you'll find complete listings of:

  • How to get there
  • Site briefing and cautions
  • GPS co-ordinates
  • Best wind conditions
  • Contact details for local pilots



Andre Reyneke, Chairman, Overberg Paragliding Club:
“Greg's site guide would make an excellent present. I recently bought it and have already used it a number of times to fly at sites I never knew about before. The most useful thing is that it has all the info about who and how to contact in order to fly at these different sites.”

Darron Guberman,
Go Fly Magazine:
“Still the definitive reference book on where, when and how to fly over 120 sites in South Africa (plus a few in Namibia and Zimbabwe). The cover is shiny and bright and the pages are filled with enough color photos to make even the laziest recreational pilot hunger for more airtime.

At the beginning of each zone is a full-page map showing major roads and the location of all the sites. This is a hugely useful feature for anyone planning a road trip to fly new sites.

GPS coordinates are listed to help you find the launch in case the road signs don't.

Advertising has been included in this edition to pay for the big jump in quality. Fortunately for the pilot, the ads are few. Only every twenty pages or so.

If you are an aspiring pilot you will likely want the name of that local school anyway. If you are a grizzled old vet, you might need that dealer's number for a replacement line en route.

The windrose offers a quick way to see which sites favor what wind direction. The Airlore section is a cross between a ground school class and a comic strip.

If you are an adventurous pilot who wants to see and fly more sites, this professional book is well worth the price.”

Also available in German.

Also available in digital version.

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A look inside the South African sites guide

South African paragliding heaven

The wind changes rapidly in some areas (especially the Western Cape) and it is very useful to be able to see which sites are close to you, to use as alternatives. A wind-rose shows you which sites are flyable in any given wind direction.

Paragliding sites wind rose for Cape Town

It's difficult to make sense of the South African weather, but it's all explained. Instead of being rained upon, you'll find cloud streets and sunshine, because you'll be in the right place for the season!

With the detailed site briefings it's like having your own instructor there on launch. You can improve your cross-country flying skills with the Airlore chapter, and learn to master some tricky situations too.