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Paragliding and Hang gliding in Wilderness

Paragliding and hang gliding in Wilderness South Africa

That's Map of Africa, a mellow site with a fantastic view, overlooking the tranquil Indian Ocean and the holiday town of Wilderness. A favourite for flying schools. It's pretty typical of the region, with a sloped grass field which becomes steeper - perfect! 120m above the waves, airspace ceiling at 450m, George Airport to NW of the site who must be notified.

Landing is anywhere on the beach, well clear of sunbathers and beach-goers. In busy season, please land beyond (to the east) of the rocks which border the first section of beach, as that is the most popular area for bathers. If you're stuck without a retrieve vehicle, a path leads up through the forest, beginning from the carpark area.

Once the sea has white-caps on it, it is usually too strong for safe soaring. If you soar too far to the right, you'll end up in the sea.