The Fresh Air Site Guide
by Greg Hamerton

The best flying sites of South Africa. If you are planning a paragliding tour or hang gliding trip through South Africa, this is the book!

Wherever you want to paraglide in South Africa, you'll find a flying site listed. It's written by a passionate pilot who travels a lot, so you get the advantage of experienced guidance, detailed directions and useful notes.

It shows you where to fly. It explains how to fly safely. It helps you to find the best conditions.



Paragliding and Hang gliding
in South Africa 2006

Paragliding and hang gliding in South Africa

“It is written in a very relaxed style and makes you feel like going out there and flying! This book is a must for every pilot's book-shelf.”
Bennie du Plessis

“How a pilot so into his flying had time to put together such a comprehensive, entertaining guide is totally beyond me.”
Cross Country Magazine

Discontinued - not available.

We recommend you contact Birdmen Paragliding.