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Paragliding and Hang gliding in Cape Town

Paragliding and hang gliding flying sites in Cape Town

A warm climate where daytime temperatures hardly ever drop below 15ºC, even in midwinter. As the temperatures rise in summer, the cool Atlantic Ocean usually moderates the heat to between 20ºC and 30ºC. Summer begins in November and ends in April, although the spring and autumn months bracket the season with continued warmth and gentle winds.

The characteristic sunshine of the Cape summer is very strong. Due to the ozone hole which extends through the upper atmosphere above South Africa and Australia, the level of ultra-violet rays reaching the earth is high and it is considered normal to use sunblock lotions regularly. A large, wide-brimmed hat usually does the trick, combined with super-cool sunglasses and some surfing shorts.

The other feature of the summer weather is a strong south-easterly wind affectionately known as 'The Cape Doctor', which blows periodically in November, December and January, cleaning out the city and blowing any hint of smoke, dust (and anyone not holding onto something solid) out to sea.