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Small but magic, with wonderful people: Slovenia has it all! It's a charming host for flying tourists, with all the attractions an alpine country can offer – high mountains, pristine canyons and rivers, long ridges for soaring and great landscape for cross country flying.

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Paragliding and Hang gliding in Slovenia

Paragliding and hang gliding flying sites in Slovenia


Most pilots come in summer and visit Kobarid and Tolmin, at the southern foot of the Julian Alps, in the west of the country. Fewer pilots travel to the areas near Kranj, between the northern side of the Julian Alps and the Karawanken range bordering Austria. Eastern Slovenia, around Maribor, remains largely unexplored by flying tourists.

Close to the sea, the flying here is similar to the south of France and the Italian Alps, with high humidity and low cloudbases, but with the summer seabreeze helpfully pushing the rain further inland. May through August are often hot and humid months with unpredictable conditions and clouds forming early around the summits. You usually find better flying conditions in spring and autumn, when a clear gradient and cold dry air provide high cloudbase, good visibility and constant lift. However, you can fly all the year round, especially at Lijak where the season apparently never ends ...